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Solve your Accounting and Bookkeeping Problems as easy as using  Pixie Dust 


In order to make a business run well, it needs courage, vision, and faith. Passion is in your heart, leadership is in your mind, but sometimes working alone is just not enough. 
  • No one stresses as you do over the cash flow of your business.
  • Putting numbers into a spreadsheet and drawing up invoices after a full day is part of the dream, but lots of work. 
  • You love what you do because there is nothing like it, and no one does it quite like you.
Therefore we are here to help businesses and amplify the incredible work of our clients.
We make sure you feel the simplicity that  Pixie Dust  offers:
  • Can make a decision by knowing everything about your numbers.
  • Can talk through a financial decision while we listen, give valuable perspective, and encourage you.
  • Can access timely and accurate records when you need them. 
  • Feel comfortable reaching out to us. 
  • Find convenient scheduling and communication patterns.
  • Receive clarification, explanation, and insight with three financial reports.
  • Are intentionally planning for and advancing your prosperity.
With our experience in data analysis, along with consistency and discipline,  Pixie Dust  team can work confidently and efficiently to organize and transform any set of books to bring you order, clarity, and peace of mind. 

Meet our team!



Over my 20+ years of experience as an accounting and bookkeeping expert, been helping both large and small corporations in a number of different industries. Skilled in streamlining and automating accounting processes for clients, I excel at creating simple and accurate solutions to save time and increase efficiency.

A combination of keen accounting skills and knowledge is the foundation of my company established to build a business relationship with clients that they can count on for all of their accounting services. Like our name, each client is unique and, each accounting plan for my clients is equally unique.

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Hello, my name is Soraya. I am an experienced accounting bookkeeper over the past 10 years with a keen eye for details. My responsibilities include overseeing the overall financial data, ledger entries and reports. My commitment to providing excellent service has helped small business and corporations and build a better business as well as day to day operation.

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Dinda is here! For eleven years, I have accumulated experience in the Finance & Accounting, Bookkeeping, and also Operations.


I am an expert in accounting systems such as Sage 300 ERP, SAP, QuickBooks Online and Ms. Excel. Keep the good eyes in reports and financial data to serve detailed and fruitful reports to help business owner make a data based decisions.

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