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Keeping Your Books Clean and Your Business Happy

with Faith, Trust, and a Little Pixie Dust



 Client-Based Services + Subscriptions


Starter Package

Maximum of:

  • 100 transactions per month

  • 2 bank accounts

Next-Level Package

Maximum of:

  • 250 transactions per month

  • 4 bank accounts

Ultimate Package

Maximum of:

  • 400 transactions per month

  • 6 bank accounts

All Packages Include:

Categorize Expenses

Account Reconciliations

Monthly Financial Statements Review

Year-End Financial Package

In-Person or Virtual Meeting

*Micro Packages Also Available*


  • Accounts Receivable

  • Accounts Payable

  • Payroll Services

  • Worker's Comp Services

  • Financial Consulting

  • Quickbooks Setup

  • Budgeting + Projections

  • Bookkeeping Clean up


Hi, I'm Nathalia

My 20+ years of experience as an accounting and bookkeeping expert includes both large and small corporations in a number of different industries. Skilled in streamlining and automating accounting processes for clients, I excel at creating simple and accurate solutions to save time and increase efficiency.


A combination of keen accounting skills and  knowledge is the foundation of my company established to build a business relationship with clients that they can count on for all of their accounting services. Like our name, each client is unique and, each accounting plan for my clients is equally unique.

How do I create your unique accounting services plan?

A common frustration for entrepreneurs and small business owners is feeling overwhelmed   with maintaining their books. We start there with a complete evaluation of what is working and what's not working. It's my passion to evaluate where the client is and where they need to be with their accounting services. After a thorough review, the "gap steps" are determined, goals are set and a plan is developed for achieving them. I partner with my clients throughout each step of the process and celebrate their successful growth with them.   


Being an entrepreneur myself, I value a balanced equation between my professional and personal life. With a customized accounting services plan that is structured specifically for your business, you can have that balanced equation as well.  You have my word.



Kat Engel

Owner of MAKE Collectives

Pixie Dust Accounting has excellent communication, which I appreciate the most. Nathalia is informative and solution-oriented with all my inquiries regarding cleaning up my Quickbooks, bookkeeping, restructuring how I do payroll, tax returns, and even budgeting and building spreadsheets to use on a daily basis! Dealing with taxes as a self-employed individual is nerve-wracking, but with Nathalia's support and guidance, I feel more confidant knowing she always have my best interest in mind to save me time, money and energy. I know I am in good hands with Nathalia!


Want More Info?

Happy to share more details with you and answer any questions you may have!

Thank you! We'll contact you shortly!

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